Flight Cancellation Compensation

Coronavirus Flight Cancellations: Your rights and how to claim?

In the middle of the coronavirus health crisis, it is time to stay home and avoid all those trips that are not strictly essential. But what if we already had the holidays booked? We explain what rights you have as a consumer.
Due to coronavirus pandemic, the measures taken by the countries to prevent further spread are forcing many airlines to cancel their flights. While, steps to prevent the transmission of the virus impact air transport throughout Europe and even beyond. Countries enforce restrictions on access, and boundaries close. So understanding our rights as passengers is crucial. Would you get compensated for canceling your flight because of a coronavirus condition? Our Professional Team discusses…
As for any cancelation of your trip, the airline provider will refund you for the price of your ticket or give you next trip free for same price. Airlines have to offer three alternatives to passengers when the flight is canceled, either a refund, a relocation on the first possible flight, or a relocation on a flight at a later convenient date. If the airlines do not offer these possibilities, the passenger must first try to solve it with the airline and, if he still does not receive the three alternatives, he must complain to the competent national authorities.
An exceptional case is, according to Law, an incident outside the jurisdiction of the airline. A few days ago, the European Commission declared that the COVID-19 pandemic and the response steps would be regarded as extraordinary situations.
The European Commission has warned that the crisiscaused by the coronavirus is an “extraordinary” situation whereby airlines must return the payment of canceled flights or relocate passengers on other routes, but not grant additional compensation.
All passengers affected by flight cancellations as a consequence of the declaration of a global health emergency due to the expansion of the coronavirus have the right to “information, assistance, and reimbursement or alternative transportation.”
According to us consumers affected by the coronavirus who have suffered the cancellation of their flight can choose between reimbursing the amount of the ticket and being relocated in another.
Many airlines say the conditions are extraordinary. That just isn’t the truth. The reality is that the market has declined dramatically due to the rise of the coronavirus and that flights that were not full have been canceled is the main economic reasons which may support airlines’ compensation claims.Our consultants track the situation closely and determine traveler’s legal status regularly. We’ll be glad to help you out.
All and all the European Commission (EC) recalled again that European airlines are obliged to offer a refund of the ticket if a flight has been canceled, and, if not, passengers must claim. If they do not respond to our request or directly do not give us an answer, we can even make a legal claim.
Our advice to you is that, even by personal transport, you prevent needless traveling and follow proper health practices. Keep yourself informed with recent happenings. Stay healthy, and stay home.