About Us

About AirFlightClaims

We are here to help air travelers. If you had a delayed flight or a cancelled flight, we want to make sure you will receive all the compensations you are entitled to.

In 2016 two partners in life and business founded GLAD People UK. We’ve launched FlyBot and AirFlightClaims service in early 2017 to help air travelers get their entitled compensation.
We are not the biggest company out there. However, we brag ourselves to have the best customer service a company can have and a customer can dream of. Once you start using our service, you will have a direct connection with your flight assistant in facebook messenger. No matter what question you might have, just ask your flight assistant and you will get an answer same day or early morning the following day.
We helped tens of thousands passengers until today, and we are committed to help more and more without lowering our greatest strength: our customer service.
What’s even more important, we are fighting for people to get compensated for the whole amount, not only what the airline company propose. For example, did you know that you are entitled to recuperate the money spent on food if your flight got delayed? Or that the airline company should pay you the transport to and from the airport should a flight get cancelled in a last minute? All this money adds up and we make sure you are receiving it.

With us claiming for cancelled or delayed flights is easy and straight forward.
In 2 minutes we can tell you if your claim is valid and if you are entitled to compensations. And we assign a personal assistant immediately to help you with any questions you might have. Our process is as simple as counting to 3:
1 – You tell us about your flight delayed or cancelled. It takes less than 1 minutes.
2 – Immediately your assistant tells you if your claim is valid and start the process to get you compensated.
3 –when we finalize the case, you get your money straight to your account.

We are constantly investing in high tech to make sure we have all the data we could use to fight against the airline companies for you. By doing this, we make sure all the valid claims actually get paid.
We speak 5 languages, and our staff is fully committed to our passengers. We are in a unique position to help European passengers the best.