Flight Delay Compensation: 3 Steps You Must Take to Get Money Back

With the pandemic sweeping the nation and more travelling bans being put in place, you may be taking the steps necessary to cancel your travel plans. If you’ve been wondering how to get flight delay compensation, you’ve clicked on the right link.

Not only will you find out the steps that you need to take to receive compensation, but we’ll also detail if you’re eligible to file a claim. Continue reading for everything that you need to know.

Can I File a Compensation Claim?

When you’re seeking compensation from an airline, there are a few requirements that you need to meet beforehand. You must understand that you’ll need to file a compensation claim detailing what took place and why you’re seeking compensation in the first place.

Continue reading to find out in what situations you’d be eligible for compensation from an airline.

Boarding Denied

In some cases, you may have been denied access to board due to overcrowding or not having the proper safety gear to travel at the time of the flight. If you’re denied boarding to a place in the United States or Europe, you’re eligible to file a claim.

You can file a compensation claim if the next flight after the one you miss isn’t scheduled to arrive for another couple of hours. Or if the next flight isn’t scheduled to arrive for more than two hours.

Cancelled and Delayed Flights

If you’ve experienced Lufthansa flight delays or cancellations, you’re entitled to seek compensation by filing a compensation claim. The only way you will be eligible to receive compensation for this situation is to make the conscious choice not to take the next flight out.

If the airline informs passengers ahead of time of the flight cancellation or some circumstances take place outside the airline’s control, you won’t be compensated for the delay.

Now that you know of the situations that qualify you to file a compensation claim, you can now find out what the steps are to complete your claim. Each step should be followed to ensure you’re given the compensation that you’re looking for.

Not following the steps below could delay and extend the time you’ve got to wait to receive compensations for missed, delayed, or cancelled flights.

1. File the Claim

When you seek to file a compensation claim, you need to contact the airline that you’re flying with immediately. To do this, you’ll want to choose the contact us options on the website and follow the instructions.

You’ll often find a messaging area to use, or you can call the number associated with the airline and get in direct contact with an airline representative. Before placing the call or sending your final message to ensure that you’ve gathered all of the details that you will need to provide the representative with.

The more information you have to give, the better off you’ll be. Also, ensure that if you fly with a different airline than the airline you booked with, you’ll need to contact the airline that you intended to fly with.

If you’ve been able to get in contact with the airline and they’ve processed your claim, all that happens next is waiting to see the money you paid for the flight refunded to your payment method. This can take several business days before the refund is reflected in your account.

2. Aviation Consumer Protection Division

There are times when even if you’ve got a legitimate case, the airline won’t contact you and drag their feet filing your claim, and this is when you need to take the next step. You’ll want to contact the Aviation Consumer Protection Division or the regulating division in the area that you live in.

The regulator’s job is to hold the airline companies accountable for their actions. They do their best, they can’t force an airline to compensate you. You may find that the airlines answer you quickly when the situation is brought to the regulation division’s attention.

But, be aware you may not get the compensation that you’re looking for. When waiting for Lufthansa flight delay compensation, it’s useful to check on your claim. This will ensure that the matter is being taken care of.

3. Get Legal Advice

If you’ve attempted to collect compensation in the ways above, the next step you can take is speaking with a legal professional and suing the airline. Before you take the airline to court, ensure that you’ve researched your rights as a passenger.

The last thing you want to do is attempt to take an airline to court only to waste valuable money, time, and resources. Before heading to court, collect all the documentation and evidence you need to make your case.

Once you’ve collected all your evidence, all that needed is to head to court and make your case then wait for the judges ruling. Hopefully, filing a compensation claim won’t come to this, and the airline will take care of your needs before it gets to this point.

Flight Delay Compensation Explained

When it comes to flight delay compensation, there are times when you think you have a claim and don’t. In situations where you do have a claim, the steps above should be followed to ensure that you receive compensation for the inconvenience.

If you’ve experienced issues when you’ve attempted to travel with Lufthansa, then read through your rights on Air Flight Claims. We seek to get you the compensation that you want and deserve.

We can let you know if you’ve got a claim within 2minutes and then help you get the process started without having to wait long periods. Let us help you and make your next travelling experience the best one yet.